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We have the same philosophy with our bar as we do with our food: use seasonal ingredients, relish the small batch and celebrate the region in which the ingredients are grown.  We proudly feature the work of our friends, A. Smith Bowman Distillery ... home of the World's Best Bourbon.


Each wine is chosen by our chefs and designed to complement our seasonal menus. Our signature cocktails are curated by our wildly talented bar team.  

Rosie's Fried Chicken


Ask a chef why they cook what they cook and inevitably you'll hear a story about how they grew up, who taught them lessons in the kitchen, how those lessons are still alive in their food today.  Well, we're no exception.  Rosie is Joy's mom.  She taught her everything she knows about...everything.  And all that comes out in Rosie's Fried Chicken.  To say it's made with love is a given.  That's how we finish all of our dishes.  But we hope Rosie's is more than that.   Simply put, Rosie's is everything good we remember about growing up.  Now, what's wrong with eating that every day?   

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